Eugenia Millender


Eugenia Millender, PhD, RN, PMHNP-BC, CDE, is currently Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator of the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Certificate Program at Florida State University. She is a Research Associate Professor for the Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity (INRHE). Dr. Millender also serves as Associate Professor at Florida State University Republic of Panama campus.

Dr. Eugenia Millender’s career in health has been dedicated to increasing access to quality care, decreasing health and mental disparities, and providing a culturally sensitive environment for both patients and heath care professionals. Armed with deep community connections, bilingual skills and extensive clinical experience, she is able to not only provide quality care locally, but also bridge the gap of health disparities across state and international borders. She is a CHAMPION for great health and wellness causes, an ADVOCATE for policy change, and a LEADER in raising awareness of significant health issues regarding mental health.  

Legacy - Palm Beach

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Mental illness, diabetes and obesity represent an epidemic in our country. With enthusiasm, Dr. Millender promotes health and wellness to persons at risk for or who have these illnesses or disorders. She does this through her leadership in several healthcare organizations. She is the chairperson of the County-wide Diabetes Coalition, which promotes collaboration among providers to offer comprehensive diabetes prevention education and screening to the general public. She is a member of the Healthy Work Environment Committee with the Palm Healthcare Foundation focused on preventing the deterioration of patient care, increasing job satisfaction of medical professionals throughout Palm Beach County and providing knowledge of nursing and personal care to places in need internationally. She is also Vice President for the Palm Beach County Black Nurses Association and a member of the El Sol Community Resource Center health committee.

“Excellence is frequently measured by titles and accomplishments but so often heart, passion and commitment are ignored. I decided to use the latter to advance well-being in Palm Beach County. I challenge myself to become an influential motive of change within my community. I believe in order to advocate for change, you must first place yourself in areas where you can make a difference. My personal family experience with the health system motivates me to be an agent of change to achieve collective impact and to deal with social inequalities. My passion in regards to this topic comes from within. As a member of this population, I was fortunate enough to prevail against those odd. I feel compelled to be the voice for those who cannot speak.” 

 -- Dr. Eugenia Millender, MFP Alumna, Class of 2013 

National Advisory Committee

Dr. Millender’s program of research is to investigate ways to reduce health disparities among indigenous and vulnerable populations that is the result of stress and trauma.  Dr. Eugenia Millender is currently an Associate Professor at Florida State University College of Nursing and at the college’s Center for Indigenous Nursing Research for Health Equity. She is also the graduate coordinator for the psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner certificate program. As an indigenous Afro-Caribbean Latina nurse scientist, Dr. Eugenia Millender’s career has been dedicated to increasing access to quality care, decreasing physical and mental disparities, and providing a culturally appropriate care. Armed with deep community connections, more than 20 years of experience working with and leading community-based teams, and her dual faculty appointment at FSU and the FSU Republic of Panama, she is able to provide quality care and bridge the gap in health disparities across both local and international borders. In 2018, Dr. Millender founded Caring 4 All of You, Inc., a corporation that assists inter-professional teams in providing holistic care by integrating nursing, mental health and well-being and tele-psychiatry. Thus, she adds entrepreneur to scientist, community leader and advocate. In summary, Dr. Millender’s research focus is studying the efficacy of culturally relevant mental health and substance abuse interventions in social service and primary care settings to mitigate or prevent mental health disparities. In addition, her research explores how these interventions influence trans-generational mental and physical health disparities among minority and underserved groups.  She does so by working with community-based organizations and employing her expertise in mood disorders, stress, trauma and substance abuse and how these are expressed through gene-environment interaction.

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