Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the number of credits required to be considered full–time?
A: The credits required to be considered full-time is determined by the academic institution where you are currently or planning to matriculate; this status is typically designated by credit hours or a pre-determined number of courses.

Q: Can applicants who are not in nursing programs apply?
A: Though our program is focused on supporting nurses looking to provide direct care for children, adolescents and youth transitioning into adulthood (aged 16-25), you may want to look into other guilds, particularly those in the fields of psychology, social work, professional counseling, and marriage and family therapy.

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Q: Can I have my transcript mailed or can I scan and attach it to the applications?
A: You may scan and submit your transcript with your application.

Q: Are the professional development trainings the only requirement throughout the year?
A: It is primarily your participation in the professional development and training opportunities that is required. No additional project or paper is needed, as this program is meant to complement your current studies.

Q: For the letters of recommendation, can they be from academic colleagues or from faculty members?
A: The recommendations should be from faculty members under whom you have studied or worked.