Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the number of credits required to be considered full–time?
A: The credits required to be considered full-time is determined by the academic institution where you are currently or planning to matriculate; this status is typically designated by credit hours or a pre-determined number of courses.

Q: Can applicants who are not in nursing programs apply?
A: Though our program is focused on supporting nurses looking to provide direct care for children, adolescents and youth transitioning into adulthood (aged 16-25), you may want to look into other guilds, particularly those in the fields of psychology, social work, professional counseling, and marriage and family therapy.

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Q: Can I have my transcript mailed or can I scan and attach it to the applications?
A: You may scan and submit your transcript with your application.

Q: Are the professional development trainings the only requirement throughout the year?
A: It is primarily your participation in the professional development and training opportunities that is required. No additional project or paper is needed, as this program is meant to complement your current studies.

Q: For the letters of recommendation, can they be from academic colleagues or from faculty members?
A: The recommendations should be from faculty members under whom you have studied or worked. 

Q: What does the pre-populated travel amount found on each Fellows' PHS2271 Statement of Training cover?
A:  The pre-populated travel amount on each Fellows' PHS2271 Statement of Training Appointment form is the estimated cost for each MFP/ANA Fellow’s additional behavioral health and career development educational offering. These monies are not to be used at the discretion of the Fellow, but are applied to offset the cost of each Fellow’s participation in the MFP/ANA Intensive Training Institute (ITI), including roundtrip air fare; lodging, plus taxes, resort fee, 5 nights stay, 3 meals per day x 5 days; opening reception food; box lunches-to-go; local round trip ground transportation; and the round trip ground transportation to the host cities multiple community engagement activities. These are just a few of the costs associated with MFP/ANA Fellow’s learning experience during the MFP/ANA ITI.