SAMHSA MFP Award: Terms and Conditions

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Through the transformation Action Initiative CMHS is strategically examining the processes used to plan, implement and evaluate technical assistance for all programs. As a result of this effort methods for identifying, providing and funding technical assistance may be revised to better support the overarching goals and priorities for mental health systems transformation. As a grantee, your organization may be asked to support any changes in the way technical assistance is delivered and funded. As such, you may need to modify certain aspects of your grant during the grant period. Additional information will be provided by your assigned GPO as it becomes available.

As a grantee, your organization must comply with PL 102-62 and related GPRA requirements that include the collection and periodic reporting of performance data that allows SAMHSA to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of its programs. CMHS is currently in the planning stages of implementing a web-based GPRA data collection and reporting system. When implementation of the system begins, grantees will be required to submit their GPRA data electronically using this web-based system. Grantees will also be required to participate in the initial training and ongoing technical assistance in order to ensure a smooth transition to the electronic system and continued user support. The GPO will provide information on the specific data to be submitted and the schedule for submission as it becomes available.