Children, Adolescents, Youth in Transition to Adulthood (16-24)

After 5-year journey to integrate ACEs science, Santa Rosa, CA, pediatric clinic is trauma-informed, from head to toe

Alcohol and Marijuana Use and Treatment Nonadherence Among Medically Vulnerable Youth – Adolescents face peak risks for onset and intensification of alcohol and marijuana use. However, we know little about these behaviors and their associations with knowledge or treatment adherence among chronically ill youth, a medically vulnerable group.

Building Strong Brains: The Role of Life Experiences in Shaping Brain Development (ppt) – PowerPoint presentation from February 23, 2017, webinar. Presented by MFP Executive/Academic Consultant and Alum, Freida Outlaw, PHD, RN, FAAN.

Using a Clinic-Based Screening Tool for Primary Care Providers to Identify Commercially Sexually Exploited Children.

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation and Sex Trafficking of Minors in the Boston Metropolitan Area – Experiences and challenges faced by front-line providers and other stakeholders.