Austin Nation

PhD, MSN, PHN, RN , Doctoral (Alumni)

Austin Nation, PhD, MSN, PHN, RN, earned his PhD in Nursing from the University of California, San Francisco School of Nursing, Community Health Systems in 2016. His dissertation focus included Substance Use Experiences of HIV- Positive Young Black Men Who Have Sex with Men (MSM). He was a former fellow with the National Institute for General Medical Sciences (NIGMS) - Initiative to Maximize Student Diversity (IMSD).  Dr. Nation graduated with a Master's of Science in Nursing with an emphasis in leadership and education at California State University (CSU), Fullerton. He was awarded the CSU Sally Casanova Pre-doctoral Scholar and recipient of the CSU Chancellor/William Randolph Hearst Award, International Understanding Award, and the Graduate Assistant in Areas of National Need (GAANN) – Clinical Teaching and Research Scholar Fellow completing summer research internships at both Yale University and Duke University as part of his pre-doctoral studies. He was also part of the UCLA/UCSF Minority Training Program in Cancer Control Research (MTPCCR).

Dr. Nation is currently contributing to the body of research investigating substance use perceptions among HIV-positive young Black men who have sex with men (MSM). Black young adults between the ages of 13-25 are one of the largest populations of people being diagnosed with new infections of HIV/AIDS. The prevalence of HIV among young Black MSM is three to four times higher than white MSM. Young Black MSM are run-aways and homeless, forcing them to survive on the streets by becoming sex workers, engaging in unprotected anal intercourse because either they or their partner is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Studies cite crack cocaine use, sex while high on crack cocaine, marijuana and alcohol, or sharing needles for injection drugs as strongly associated with HIV infection among young black MSM. As a HIV educator and researcher, he is very interested in understanding substance use and mental health behavior among this population.

Dr. Nation is the writer/director of an HIV/AIDS educational presentation called "We're All God's Children" written with the hope of putting a realistic face to this tragedy in the Black community. His inspiration to write this play came about through the discussions and efforts with the African American Group at AIDS Services Foundation Orange County, who wanted to educate at-risk people-of-color by presenting a non-threatening medium for the faith-based community. The goal of the production is to help alleviate the fear and stigma about HIV/AIDS and empower the community with relevant new information about the epidemic. He also gives of his time by volunteering to speak at community groups, schools, colleges and universities throughout Northern and Southern California and even as far as South Africa, sharing his unique personal story about living with HIV/AIDS for over 25 years.

He is the founder/president of the Men in Nursing at UCSF, president of The American Assembly for Men in Nursing (AAMN) – Bay Area Chapter, and Community Events - Association of Nurses in AIDS Care, Golden Gate Chapter. He is founder/president of California State University, Fullerton Nursing Alumni Chapter and a member of Sigma Theta Tau International – Alpha Eta Chapter, Association of California Nurse Leaders, Association of Black Nursing Faculty, and the American Nurses Association. Dr. Nation is an Assistant Professor at the University of California at Fullerton where he received the Daisy Faculty Award for his teaching skills.

Austin is proud to be a part of the MFP Family!

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