Lina Abrar

Lina Abrar is a first year Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) student at the American Sentinel School of Nursing. She has a fervent desire to bring awareness to mental health issues to underserved communities, advocate for minority populations who do not have affordable mental health care, and work to take away the stigma of receiving mental health care. Using her background of African descent, she is planning to reach culturally diverse populations and serve adolescent and adult psychiatric patient populations.

Ms. Abrar always knew that she wanted to be in a profession that provided care for others and has been in nursing for more than fourteen years. She began her medical career as a critical care nurse at CAMC General Hospital in Charleston, WV. She continued in this position after relocating to Washington, DC and working at George Washington University Hospital in a variety of critical care areas.
She currently works in the Endoscopy Center at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center as a Perioperative nurse and serves as a part-time Clinical Instructor at the Catholic University of America for Community and Population Health Course. She manages Clinical rotation for first year nursing students at Unity Health Clinic and Catholic Schools.

Ms. Abrar received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and joined Kaiser Permanente Health Care Center. She plans to continue teaching nursing students to help prepare the next generation of the nursing workforce. Ms. Abrar enjoys spending time with her family, traveling to new countries and experiencing diverse cultures, participating in church activities, and giving back to the global community.