Vivian Dzata

MSN, CPNP , Doctoral (Alumni)

Vivian "Enyo" Dzata, MSN, CPNP, is a second-year post-master's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) student at Oregon Health Sciences University. She developed an interest early on in understanding how best to care for patients with behavioral, developmental, and mental health concerns and pursued a fellowship in pediatric Childhood and Adolescent Mental Health.

Currently, Mrs. Dzata's goal is to understand how to screen for students in public school settings, particularly elementary school, to identify supports needed in the areas of student/life functioning in addition to evaluating methods used to engage families in this process and finding out what areas' teachers believe would help in teaching their students with identified needs.

Mrs. Dzata has specialized in pediatric endocrinology for 9 years and has been caring for patients in pediatric primary care for the last 6 years.