Suzette Lettsome

RN , Masters (Current)

Suzette Lettsome, RN, is a first year Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) student at ST. Thomas University School of Nursing. Ms. Lettsome enjoys being a nurse and loves collaborating with patients, their families, and students. She has worked in community health nursing for more than 10 years in different capacities. There are many healthcare needs within Ms. Lettsome’s community, and her professional background continues to evolve in order to fill those needs. She is committed to being a lifelong learner and contributing to the viability of the nursing profession.

Ms. Lettsome has been responsible for educating undergraduate students in mental/behavioral health nursing for over five years in academia. Students rotate through the acute and long- term mental health care facilities. Ms. Lettsome seeks out teachable moments where she asks patients/clients who are diagnosed with terminal medical illnesses, mental health disorders, or who are suffering from substance use disorders  what can nurses do to ensure the care we give them are relevant and effective? The responses by those patients/clients are so profound that it creates a dialogue between students and patients/clients, students/students and students and instructor on how they can tailor nursing care to meet their patients/clients’ needs. 

Ms. Lettsome’s professional membership activities include serving as the Chair of the Education Committee for the Virgin Islands Nursing Association from 2019-2021. She is an active member of Chi Eta Phi Sorority: Mu Eta Chapter. She has also been elected by her peers to serve on the Disability Rights Council. It is Ms. Lettsome’s belief that the advanced knowledge obtained from pursing a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner degree will bring much needed relief and compassionate care to clients and their families who are broken and wounded by mental illness.