Sophia Mason

PhD, RN, MBA, FNP, CNP-P , Doctoral (Alumni)

Dr. Sophia Mason is an expert in crises and suicicial behaviors among individuals and families who seek their services through the embergency departments at hospitals. At the Lutheran Medical Center in New York City, she supervises the crises care that is provided for individuals and their families, and she determines the disposition for each individual. She is a certified psychiatric nurse practitioner with more than a decade of clinical expertise with underserved populations in urban settings. Dr. Mason’s dissertation highlights the social determinants of health variables as defined by the World Health Organization in her research. In addition, her cultural acumen is well developed and often used in her practice. She is also an expert in assessing suicidal behaviors across a diverse population of people, representing many countries, socio-economic statuses, and health beliefs and practices. Dr. Mason obtained her PhD from Capella University, Minneapolis, MN. While studying for the PhD, Dr. Mason also completed all requirements for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) Degree at Frostburg State University, Maryland.