Serge Wandji

MSN, MBA, NEA-BC, RN-BC, CNL , Doctoral (Current)

Serge Wandji, MSN, MBA, NEA-BC, RN-BC, CNL, is currently pursuing a PhD at the University of South Carolina, in Columbia, SC. His research focus is substance use disorder (SUD) among Rural Black men. A trained and board-certified Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) specializing in Psychiatric and Mental Health, Mr. Wandji was instrumental in the development and implementation of SUD prevention and treatment programs in both States of New-Jersey and Texas.

More recently, while working as a CNL at a local VA Medical Center in South Carolina, he initiated, developed, and successfully led the implementation of a facility-wide project on the Culture of Engagement, with an emphasis on veterans with SUD. The project resulted in a significant increase in the veteran activation level, which in turn enabled individuals to develop the coping skills and the willingness to manage their own addiction experience. The abstract Mr. Wandji prepared for that project titled, “Leadership Role in Implementing a Culture of Engagement,” was selected for presentation at the prestigious American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) 2018 Pathway to Excellence, National Conference.

Mr. Wandji came into nursing as a second career, in search of something more fulfilling, with the intent and aspiration of initiating, developing, and leading the implementation of population health programs among the most vulnerable, for the sake of common good. After graduating from Western Kentucky University with a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), he worked in the business and financial services industries for 10 years before deciding to become a nurse. He then completed his nursing training at Seton Hall University in New-Jersey with a master’s degree in nursing (MSN) specializing as a Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL). Mr. Wandji brings into nursing his proven leadership and managerial abilities; his diverse cultural, educational, and professional background, and his passion for social justice.