Rashida Charles

MSN, RN , Doctoral (Current)

Rashida Charles, MSN, RN, is a third-year PhD student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. Her research focuses on health equity related to health-promoting behaviors in minoritized populations. Currently, she is exploring how mental health, the physical environment, and racism in the social environment influence the physical activity behaviors of Black men.

Ms. Charles holds a master s in nursing, clinical nurse leader degree from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and a bachelor’s degree in Religion with a minor in Public Health from Rutgers University.

Throughout her nursing career, she has predominantly worked to improve the health of those from disadvantaged backgrounds in the home and hospital setting. Ms. Charles passion for health equity stems from her upbringing. As a first-generation Haitian American, who grew up in underserved communities, she feels a personal connection to the population she currently serves. She hopes that her research will result in impactful changes that improve the quality of life of minoritized people.