Jennivie Wisdom

BA, BSN, RN , Masters (Current)

Jennivie Wisdom, BA, BSN, RN, is a first-year Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner student at South College School of Nursing. An immigrant from Jamaica, she has numerous years of experience in the tourism industry and served in several roles including as sales and marketing manager for an elite events company. Having migrated to the USA in 2019, she soon found that she was no longer satisfied with the trajectory of her professional life. During this time, her family was wrestling with the effects of a relative’s mental illness. The challenges of access to care and overcoming the stigmas of mental illness became the catalyst for her career as a nurse. Ms. Wisdom currently serves at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital as a Registered Nurse on an acute care neuro floor where she cares for stroke patients who often suffer from altered mental status.

Jennivie, mother to Tyler and L Jai, finds joy in caring for her loved ones. She practices yoga and uses these moments to center her focus and invite clarity and peace in her midst.