Huey-Jen Chen

Ph.D., RN , Doctoral (Alumni)

Huey-Jen Chen received her Ph.D. in Nursing from University of South Florida in May 2001. Dr. Chen is a Psychiatric/Mental Health Nurse practitioner and a national certified clinical specialist in adult psychiatric and mental health nursing. She has been working as a psychiatric and mental health nurse for over 20 years. Dr. Chen received the National Research and Services Award (NRSA) in 1999 from the National Institute of Nursing Research that provided funding for her doctoral study, "Trust and Managed Mental Health Care." She is a current MFP postdoctoral fellow and her research topic is "Trust and health care cost among vulnerable populations." The study will be built on her dissertation research to further examine the effect of the professional trust relationship on health care cost. Her research interests include health service research; health care costs; the professional relationship issues in current health care system; and issues related to mental health/substance abuse services for children and minorities.

Contributions to Science