David Agor

BSN, RN, PMHNP , Doctoral (Alumni)

Dr. David Chinyeaka Agor, DNP, PMHNP(s)-BC, is a doctorally-prepared psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. He earned his doctorate from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill (UNC-CH), where he specialized in the clinical assessment of multiple minority stress for Sexual and Gender Minorities( SGM) with intersecting minoritized identities (Race and ethnic minority or REM) and graduated as an Interprofessional Distinguished Scholar. Dr. Agor is currently a Ph.D. student at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing. .  Dr. Agor's program of scholarship and research   focuses on  policy-driven interventions to combat structural stigma for SGM people of color. Dr. Agor is Jonas's scholar alumni, a  Rural Interprofessional Scholar Fellow, and has been awarded several Fellowships to include  an  American Nurses Association Minority Fellowship; the  Fontaine Predoctoral Fellowship, and Eidos Predoctoral Fellowship at The University of Pennsylvania.
Dr. Agor is dedicated to addressing homonegativity and racism in healthcare. In his clinical practice, he has championed inclusive SGM policies, including collecting sexual and gender orientation demographic admission data and implementing a safe-space inclusive atraumatic health care system for the SGM population. Dr. Agor is an emerging scholar in nutritional psychiatry—a novel field focused on harnessing nutrients' power and improving microbiome dysbiosis to improve mental health. He has presented workshops and led seminars for nurses on nutritional psychiatry around the globe.
Dr. Agor is currently the co-leader for the southeast region of the International Society of Psychiatric Nursing. Dr. Agor was a chancellor American Professor’s scholar at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill. He served on UNC-CH's LGBTQ Center Roundtable and the Provost's Committee for LGBTQ Life. Dr. Agor regularly presents at international, national, and regional conferences on topics ranging from SGM people of color mental health to novel evidenced-based psychiatric treatments such as  nutritional psychiatry.
David was born and raised in Nigeria, West Africa. His hobbies include hiking, cooking, and traveling.