Cheedy JaJa

Ph.D., MPH, MN, RN , Masters (Alumni)

Cheedy JaJa, Ph.D., MPH, MN, RN,  Dr. Jaja’s clinical and health sciences credentials include a registered nursing license, a master of nursing, a master of public health genetics degree from the University of Washington; and a certificate in clinical and translational science from the Georgia Regents University. He was the inaugural Pharmacogenetics, Ethics and Public Policy Postdoctoral Fellow at the Indiana University School of Medicine Center for Bioethics. Dr. Jaja’s research focuses on sickle cell disease analgesic pharmacogenetics. He is currently pursuing a psych and mental health nurse practitioner MSN program at Indiana University. Dr. Jaja is currently leading a collaborative Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) pilot research project in Sierra Leone, a country currently rebuilding its healthcare infrastructure decimated by a recent Ebola epidemic.  The collaborative project will establish an infrastructure for a pilot SCD newborn screening, health maintenance and mental health wellness programs, and a framework within which SCD-related epidemiologic, translational, clinical research and educational initiatives will be developed.