Ashley Bryant

BSN, RN , Masters (Current)

Ashley Bryant, BSN, RN, an accomplished graduate of the University of South Alabama is currently in her second year pursuing a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) degree at Duke University. With six years of diverse nursing experience across veteran healthcare facilities, medical-surgical units, cardiac intensive care (CCU), cardiovascular pre-and-post intervention units, and the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU), Ms. Bryant has developed a keen awareness of the intersection between mental health and physical well-being. She has a comprehensive understanding of how mental challenges lead to detrimental health habits such as medication non-adherence, substance abuse, poor stress management, and unhealthy coping mechanisms. She is dedicated to refining her expertise in trauma-informed care and employing culturally sensitive healing methods. She places a strong emphasis on holistic, patient-centric models to address the root causes of illness. 

As Ms. Bryant envisions her future role as a PMHNP, she plans to collaborate with faith-based organizations and fellow mental health professionals to build robust community networks that decrease stigma and offer easily accessible mental health resources. Her ultimate ambition is to serve in a rural, underserved community, forging meaningful connections with her patients and earning their trust as a respected provider. Alongside her clinical pursuits, she aspires to guide the next generation of mental health professionals. Beyond her commitment to nursing, she holds the role of creative director and founder of Enjoy Celebration Co., an event styling company. Drawing on her insightful understanding of the mental health ramifications of COVID-19, she empowers clients to prioritize their mental well-being with thoughtfully planned celebrations. There is a profound fulfillment for Ms. Bryant in helping clients manage stress, discover joy, and fortify relationships through the art of celebration. Her overarching aspiration is to leverage her passions, educational background, and clinical experiences to become a recognized leader and advocate within the mental health community.