Alice Dressler

RN , Doctoral (Current)

Alice Dressler, RN, is currently enrolled in the Bachelor of Science - Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at the University of Colorado Anschutz in Denver, CO.

Mrs. Dressler has a special interest in projects with a focus on racial and ethnic minority women’s mental health. Currently, she is providing services as a public health nurse to low- or no-income women who are racial and ethnic minorities with young children at home. She worked as a psychiatric nurse in a busy inpatient psychiatric hospital in Fort Collins, CO, serving racially and ethnically diverse populations across the lifespan. As a former international volunteer, she served many disadvantaged and marginalized populations in an HIV project within rural communities in China. She collaborated with volunteers from around the world and developed a deep love and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Mrs. Dressler was born and raised in China and came to the United States as an adult immigrant. Her experience of growing up in a rural community and pursuing her dreams as an immigrant serves as a constant motivation to continue to provide services to the underserved populations.