Alauna Christian

BSN, RN , Masters (Alumni)

Alauna Christian, BSN, RN, is pursuing a Master of Science in Nursing for Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner degree at the University of Alabama Birmingham (UAB). She currently works for the Veteran Healthcare Administration as a Travel Registered Nurse assisting veterans across the United States. Her nursing experience has been focused on veterans with substance abuse, and mental health concerns while maintaining specialty certifications in Mental Health, and Emergency Room nursing.

Ms. Christian graduated from the University of Missouri - Kansas City (UMKC) with her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. At UMKS, she was presented with the Leadership in Nursing award for her endless efforts in student engagement and diversity inclusion. She is a scholar of the Alabama Health Education Center, Bluford Healthcare Leadership Institute, and the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Ms. Christian is also the Founder/CEO of the non-profit organization, Mindful Mountain Inc., established in 2020 whose mission is to decrease the stigma associated with mental health, specifically within the minority populations. Ultimately, Ms. Christian hopes to establish a team of interprofessional mental health providers to integrate care in underserved communities.