Adrian Davis

MSN, MBA, PMHN-BC , Masters (Alumni)

Adrian Davis, MSN, MBA, PMHN-BC, graduated from the Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Masters program at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, Alabama. Her graduation date was December 2019.

Ms. Davis earned a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a focus on Healthcare Administration from American Intercontinental University. In December 2016, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing at the University of South Alabama. Before becoming a registered nurse, she volunteered at 15 Place, a homeless shelter in downtown Mobile, Alabama. This was her first real experience with working with an underserved population. During this experience, she developed ethical principles, which guide her practice of delivering high quality, unbiased, compassionate care for all. Currently, she is working as a psychiatric nurse at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital in San Diego, California. Providing hands-on care and educating patients and their families are some of the roles that she is most passionate about as a nurse. Upon graduation, she plans to provide mental health services that focus on care for patients across the lifespan with a special focus on minority adolescent and young adults in underserved communities.