Coretta Jenerette

April 2008

Coretta Jenerette, PhD, RN, AOCN, will join the School of Nursing Faculty at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as Assistant Professor beginning July 1, 2008.  Dr. Jenerette’s recent publications and presentations are listed below:

  • Jenerette, C. et al. (2008).  Models of Inter-institutional Collaboration to Build Research Capacity for Reducing Health Disparities. Nursing Outlook, 56, 16 – 24;
  • Jenerette, C. (March, 2008). Perception: It all depends on perspective, podium presentation.  Yale-Howard Partnership Center on Reducing Health Disparities by Self and Family Management Health Equity Conference, Washington, DC.
  • Jenerette, C., & Lauderdale, G. (March 2008). Vulnerability Factors and Self-care Management Resources for Adults with Sickle Cell Disease.  Podium presentation, M. Elizabeth Carnegie Endowed Professorship in Nursing Research 14th Annual Research Conference in Washington, DC.