Jillian Inouye

PhD, APRN, BC , Doctoral (Alumni)

Professor, Graduate Chair and Director, Office of Nursing Research
University of Hawaii School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene
Honolulu, Hawaii

Dr. Jillian Inouye has made substantial contributions to the nursing profession and to the mental health care of ethnic/minority people, as well as numerous other populations. She is a licensed psychologist, a qualified mental retardation professional, a board certified clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing, and an advanced practice registered nurse. These outstanding credentials clearly attest to Dr. Jillian Inouye's commitment to excellence in research and clinical practice. In her role as nurse researcher, she has published numerous data based refereed manuscripts, that focus on a variety of psychiatric and mental health topics, ranging for example, from child abuse prevention, HIV/AIDS, to health beliefs and behaviors. She has written book chapters on Asian-Pacific Islanders' Health Disparities and psychiatric care, including schizophrenia, depression, substance use and abuse and others. As significant are her various research projects: Health care disparities, children and mental health problems, roles strain among nurses from different cultures, and others. She was a founding member of the Asian/Pacific Islander Nurses Association and currently serves as Vice-President and Board member of the National Coalition of the Ethnic Minority Nurses Associations.

Dr. Inouye also shares her knowledge and experiences with others throughout the world. She has presented her research in many different countries, including Denmark, Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Switzerland. Dr. Inouye is an outstanding nurse scholar and continuously contributes to the scientific literature.

Using her knowledge and acquired skills, she volunteers at various mental health service facilities and provides mental health care to underserved populations in her local communities in Hawaii. Her extensive acquired knowledge and skills uniquely equip her to serve vulnerable people and their families.