Mijung Park


Mijung Park, PhD, RN, MPH, is a tenured Associate Professor at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) School of Nursing. Dr. Park aims to optimize our ability to manage our own health and well-being through research and education. 

As a nurse scientist and health services researcher, Dr. Park examines various social and societal factors that may affect our health and well-being. For example, she is one of the early investigators who examined how our living conditions (such as our neighborhood) impact the biological aging processes. Additionally, over the past decade, Dr. Park have extensively published on how culture provides an important context of health behaviors and health outcomes. Over the past decades, Dr. Park’s research have examined the salient roles the family and informal caregivers play in successful chronic disease self-management among culturally and economically diverse populations. 

Methodologically, Dr. Park has extensive training in qualitative research (specialized in Interpretive Phenomenology), quantitative data analyses using large data set, mixed methods research, and meta-analyses. 

As a nurse educator, Dr. Park has keen interest and passion for educating next generations of nurses, nurse scientists, and public. She has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses about diverse topics including psychiatric mental health nursing, health policy, family theory, research methodologies, and philosophy of science. In addition, Dr. Park mentors and advises multidisciplinary team of future health care providers and scientists. 

Dr. Park received her PhD from University of California San Francisco and MPH in Health Services from University of Washington Seattle. Her MPH was concentrated in Health Systems and Policy Analyses.

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