Patty R. Wilson

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Patty R. Wilson, PhD(c), MSN, RN, 
 is a full-time PhD student at the University of Virginia School of Nursing in Charlottesville,VA. Her research interests is centered around the mental health and physical effects of intimate partner violence on minority women and their children. Kathryn Laughon, PhD, RN is her faculty advisor.

Ms. Wilson has a background in community health nursing, and is employed part-time as a clinical instructor for the Community/Public Health Department of the Johns Hopkins University School of Nursing. In this role, she addresses a myriad of social, physical and mental health problems that exists in low-income families. One of her outstanding contributions to her community is the service that she provides at the House of Ruth, a shelter for battered women and their children in the Baltimore area.

Ms. Wilson also serves as the Assistant Director for the East Baltimore Community Nursing Centers (EBCNC), and Coordinator for the Community Outreach Program (COP). These agencies provide core services to the uninsured and underinsured individuals and families that help to assure that they will have health care. In addition to these multiple roles, she mentors and teaches undergraduate students who are learning the knowledge and skill sets that are essential for providing quality care of individuals with mental health and substance abuse disorders.

Ms. Wilson is a member of the American Nurses Association and the Sigma Theta Tau International Society. She is married and has two children.