Udaya Thomas

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Udaya Thomas, MSN, MPH, ARNP

Udaya Thomas, MSN, MPH, ARNP, CYT, is a PhD in Nursing student at Walden University in the Interdisciplinary Health track. Udaya is working as a Nurse Practitioner at South Broward Community Health Services with a focus on innovative group health initiatives. Udaya also holds certificates in integrative health coaching, yoga, and is a master trainer. She is a Johns Hopkins University Master’s prepared and Board Certified Primary Care Nurse Practitioner and Public Health Specialist. Udaya works with individuals and groups, utilizing preventative health and movement solutions to assist others in obtaining and maintaining optimal health. Udaya has worked in community development, hospital and community health nursing, domestic and international public health programs, research studies, HIV, prison health, managed care, primary care, and hospice. In Nursing education, she has been a clinical instructor, created curriculum and contributed to educational policy. Working alongside her colleagues, Udaya looks forward to integrating her various experiences to influence the uptake of behavioral health in primary care in her current health system and perhaps beyond.